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1000 Years Ago

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1000 Years Ago

1000 Years Ago

Date added: 2013-12-30

Tags:lunar  luna  princess  celestia  ponyville  equestria  fight  elements  harmony

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Game Information:

Luna has transformed into Nightmare Moon and is going to destroy the city of Equestria, you and Luna must help defeat nightmare moon once and for all! Nightmare moon has many special attacks such as Night Dart, Lightning attack and Magic Defill. There is only one way to defeat her! Collect all the elements while also dodging her attacks and weakening her with your light attacks, to be able to shoot her with the Harmonize blast and send her to the moon! This game is very exciting and will keep you on the tip of your toes making sure you defeat her and save Equestria!

How to play:

You must use your mouse to aim and then click to shoot, you have to use WSAD to control Luna and move her out of the way of Nightmare’s moon attacks! Goodluck and be careful!

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  • avatar
    rainbow dash123awesome (761) - 2014-04-14, 11:31

  • avatar
    pinkiepiesmile (82) - 2014-03-28, 03:19
    Man its hard but nice

  • avatar
    Domestic Art (217) - 2014-03-06, 12:49
    "1000 years?" I thought. "How could they made this 1000 years ago"

  • avatar
    UndeadwolfProductions (70) - 2014-03-04, 11:44

  • avatar
    YellowPinka (130) - 2014-03-03, 14:56
    This was a very entertaining game,and difficult but very cool!

  • avatar
    PowerGirl (513) - 2014-03-02, 09:02
    So hard i have to fight with luna.

  • avatar
    Snow Drop (117) - 2014-03-02, 03:51
    D: luna my best friend how come she became evil?

  • avatar
    Snow Drop (117) - 2014-03-02, 03:48
    luna? my best friend?

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